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Ruffle Cake Tutorial V1

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По умолчанию Ruffle Cake Tutorial V1

Огромная благодарность my sweetandsaucy за Мастер-класс

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First you make my darkest color of fondant, as this is an ombre cake, and to get the lighter colors, you progressively add white. Then you roll it through the pasta machine to a 3.

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You take out my circle cutter and select the size you wish to use, cutting out circles and covering them and the remainder with cellophane. We do this with fondant and gum paste in order to prevent it from drying out.
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Then you place my circle on my foam pad.

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We use these pads with a ball tool, most often with sugar flowers, to thin out the edges of the petals. In this case, we use it like we do for other ruffles, applying pressure half on the edge of the fondant, and half on the pad. Make sure not to press too hard, as you will tear through.Название: 5.jpg
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Then you crumple the circle from the center.
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And then you apply it to the buttercream.
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Then you continue with the rest of the circles you cut, going up the cake, and over.
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And voila! There’s a very simple ruffle cake, you can make at home!

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