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Dress Cookies step by step

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По умолчанию Dress Cookies step by step

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Floral Dress Cookie
Step 1.
Roll out cookie dough, cut in the shape of
a dress and bake. Add shortening to two
medium sized balls of black and white
flower paste and knead until combined.
Keep covered until use.
Step 2.
Roll out white flower paste very thinly
and cut out 3x5cm rectangles. Place on a
foam mat and use a ball/definition tool or
cocktail stick to frill the edges and create
Step 3.
Repeat with black flower paste.
Step 4.
Using edible glue and a paintbrush, start
to stick onto the cookie. Continue with
this technique and add more layers.
Step 5.
Roll white flower paste and cut out the
curved front panels. Place onto the foam
mat, frill out using the ball tool and stick
in the middle section of the dress.
Step 6.
Roll out black flower paste in a small
circle and cut in half. Again, frill out and
gather together to create the top section
on the dress and stick down.
Step 7.
This is how the cookie will look after the 9
Step 8.
Add bow detail if desired.
Step 9.
Using edible paints, start adding different
florals all over the dress.
Step 10.
Finish off with leaves and greenery.
Jacket Dress Cookie
Step 13.
Roll out cookie dough to 0.25" thick.
Using either a template or freehand design, cut out the shape of a dress using a scalpel. Bake until golden brown.
Step 14.
Add a small amount of shortening to a small amount of white Renshaw Extra and also to the foam mat. Roll out thinly, cut out the dress and using edible glue, stick down onto the cookie.
Step 15.
Repeat with black Renshaw Extra and cut out the jacket.
Step 16.
Cut out a collar and use a definition tool to add collar edge lines.
Step 17.
Stick the jacket down using edible glue. Step 18.
Thinly roll white flower paste and cut into lcm strips. Frill out using the ball tool and cocktail stick.
Step 19.
Apply the frills to the middle sections.
Add more frills to the edge of the dress.
Step 20.
Using black flower paste, create the cascading section of the jacket. Frill out and stick.
Step 21.
Pipe a crisscross design onto the white section of the dress and add belt detail.
Step 22.
Add two lines down the middle and dots. Add two more double lines in the middle of each side.
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dress cookies step by step

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