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Christmas cookie tutorial

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Equipment Required
• Prepared cookies using flood consistency egg-free royal icing
• Royal icing: red, holly green, olive green, white, brown, yellow, blue
• Wilton nozzles: #1, #101, #359 (leaf tip)
PME nozzles: #2, #3, #42, #43
• Flower nail
• Parchment paper
• Flat board
• Shortening
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Step la.

On parchment paper, using royal icing in two shade of brown and the #101 nozzle, start piping six petals.

Step lb.

Build up in four layers then let dry.

Step lc.

Attach two pieces together to complete,

Step 2a.
Put parchment on the flower nail and using the leaf nozzle, start piping seven poinsettia flowers.

Step 2b.
Do three layers for each flower

Step 2c.
Fill yellow dots using the #1 nozzle as the centre of the flower.

Step 3a.
Attach a template on the board and apply shortening.

Step 3b.
Use soft consistency dark and light blue royal icing to fill the birds as shown.

Step 3c.
Details can be added using normal consistency royal icing and the #1 nozzle.

Let dry for a few hours.

Step 4a.

Start working on the cookie using the #43 nozzle. Pipe two irregular circles in brown royal icing. Attach the birds on the brown circle using royal icing

Step 4b.

Start filling leaves using two shades of green. Use brown royal icing to pipe random twigs. Pipe freehand green lines resembling leaves on the brown twigs.

Step 4c.

Attach the dried poinsettias and pine-cones using royal icing. Pipe red berries and white dots. Pipe lines to outline the cookie. Pipe dots on the outer line.
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christmas cookie tutorial

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