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Petal ruffles cake tutorial

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Here is a mini tutorial on how to make these petal ruffles... enjoy!

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Here's what you will need: a gumpaste ball tool, a foam mat, gumglue, blossom cutter(the one I used here measures 1 3/4" petal to petal but you can use difference sizes as well) and last but not least pasta roller (this is optional but it's a great investment and I highly recommend it, especially when you do a lot of ruffle and flower works that require constant rolling of fondant and gumpaste, it rolls out thin and even sheets of paste. But if you don't have one a regular rolling pin will work just the same and you will be getting a great arm workout out of it!)

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1) Roll out fondant and cut with blossom cutter

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2) Thin out edges with ball tool


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3) Glue two blossom cutouts together with a bit of gum glue and proceed with the rest of the cutouts

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4) Scrunch blossom together like so.... At this point if your fondant is too soft, I would leave it out for a few minutes before gluing to the cake, otherwise the petals will just collapse onto itseld and you won't get the same affect... So proceed with the rest before applying to cake


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5) Apply gum glue on fondant covered cake


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6) Arrange blossoms on cake


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7) Use a pointed tool to aid you in applying the blossoms and to fluff up the petals

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8) Hundreds of blossoms later... And you are done! Yes I know its time consuming but the results is worth it... And I promise it will get easier the more you do it! Happy ruffling!!!


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petal ruffles cake tutorial

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