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МК Торт "3Д Тыква" -3D Pumpkin cake tutorial V1

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По умолчанию МК Торт "3Д Тыква" -3D Pumpkin cake tutorial V1

Огромная благодарность Автору Fernanda Abarca за Мастер-класс

First I got my cake ready and layered with frosting. Once that was done I put it in the freezer to chill. Its easier to carve cakes when they are cold. While that is chilling I went ahead and colored my fondant. I needed green and orange.
Then I grabed my cake and carved its basic shape…
Normally you don’t want to have such a moist cake if you are planning on carving it. This cake was NOT a good carving cake. Thats why that looks so messy… It wanted to fall apart badly
Next I stuck it in the freezer so it chills again for about 15 minutes. Once it was chilled I crumb coated it.
The crumb coating here was a bit tricky because of how moist the cake was… Chilling it helps for sure… Once I got that crumb coat on there I placed it in the freezer again. While that was chilling I rolled out my orange fondant. Now that its chilled its ready for fondant.
I made sure to make the fondant a little thicker so I can shape the pumpkin a little better. Then I shaped it while the fondant was soft. Once that was done, I went ahead and added the leafs and stem.
Now its ready for paint!! I am BEGGING all my family to buy me an airbrush.. That is on my wish list. For now I must paint with a brush. Not exactly the best tool for shading fondant. But it will have to do… Here is the finished pumpkin…

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