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МК кейк попс " кольцо в коробочке" -Ring Box Cake Pop Tutorial

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По умолчанию МК кейк попс " кольцо в коробочке" -Ring Box Cake Pop Tutorial

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Ring Box Cake Pops Tutorial

You need to shape your cake balls into a square shape, you can use a square cutter if you find this easier.
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Размер: 96.1 Кб
Melt your chocolate and insert your lollipop sticks. I find it easier to do this when they are still upside down on the baking sheet as then it tends to be more level.
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Dip your boxes into chocolate and leave to set completely.
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Roll out some modelling chocolate or fondant, double it over and use a square cutter to cut out a cushion for your rings to sit on.
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You can tidy up any rough edges with a sharp knife but be careful not to cut into the chocolate covering.
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Размер: 70.2 Кб
Although I would normally use modelling chocolate to make the rings, the ridiculously hot & humid weather meant Gum paste was the only option.
Roll out your gum paste quite a bit thicker than you normally would and cut out a circle and then using a smaller cutter cut out the middle. Using a sharp knife cut off the bottom to create a half ring.
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Smooth all around the edges to get rid of any jagged edges and dust with gold or silver luster dust.
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Размер: 98.0 Кб
Leave these to harden overnight. Next make some small round balls, use some sugar glue to attach to your hardened rings. Once attached make a small indentation with the end of a rounded paint brush or lollipop stick and dust with luster dust. These will seat your gems as the gems I was using had quite a defined pint on the bottom of them!
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Dab a little sugar glue onto the ring setting and using tweezers place your edible gem on. These gems are made from gelatin as I find the Isomalt go cloudy in humidty.
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A great idea for Engagement parties, Valentines Day or Weddings!
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