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МК кейк попс-Голова акулы -Shark Head Cake Pops Tutorial

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По умолчанию МК кейк попс-Голова акулы -Shark Head Cake Pops Tutorial

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This Sharks Head Cake Pop Tutorial is a cake pop creation but minus the sticks! And they are really simple to make.
First shape your cake pop dough into a cone shape.
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Make sure the nose is quite pointed as when you dip into the chocolate you will lose definition. Use a tool to make a mouth shape and again make sure to make quite a wide one to compensate for the chocolate coating.
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Now time to dip and confession time! I tried to dip them with a cocktail stick inserted, but they fell off….multiple times. I tried the method placing them on a fork and spooning over chocolate…result was lumpy uneven chocolate. So I cheated and used the traditional method, sticks!! But as you can see from the final picture, you cant tell!!! I figured why put myself through unnecessary stress, just go with what works for you!
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Размер: 69.6 Кб
Once you have dipped your shark heads you need to carefully remove to stick. And I do mean carefully as you do not want the chocolate to crack. Just put a blob of chocolate on to seal the hole and once dry gently shave with a knife as you want the bottom of your shark heads to be flat to enable them to stand upright.
Next get some blue, red and white modelling chocolate or fondant if you prefer. Candy beads for the eyes and a small circle cutter (this will be used for the mouth area). Also a modelling tool or wooden skewer to make indentations for the gills and nostrils.
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Размер: 89.7 Кб
I always put my Modelling Chocolate through a pasta machine so I get an even thickness. Slice off a section of blue modelling chocolate and gently place over the top of the sharks head, trim to shape with a sharp knife.
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Размер: 102.7 Кб
Add some black candy beads as eyes for your Shark.
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Use your circle cutter to cut out a section of red modelling chocolate for the shark’s mouth.
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Размер: 87.6 Кб
Gummy Shark!!
I forgot to take a picture of indenting the gills and nostrils, but you get how it goes!
Next roll a thin roll of white modelling chocolate into a sausage shape and place in the bottom of the mouth to form the teeth.
Use a sharp knife or modelling tool to create teeth.
Название: 9.jpg
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Размер: 63.8 Кб
Finally use your circular cutter and cut out a circle, fold in half to create the shark’s fin.
Название: 10.jpg
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Размер: 89.2 Кб
And now you are the proud owner of Shark Head Cake Pops…Enjoy!!
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Размер: 104.7 Кб
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