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Precious penguin cookies tutorials

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To make these cookies you will need:

  • black piping and flood icing
  • white 20-second icing {thin enough to flow, but thick enough to hold it's shape a bit}
  • colored piping and flood icing for sweaters {as many as you'd like}
  • small black candy beads
  • yellow 20-second icing
  • toothpicks
If you need a little help with technical terms like outlining and flooding, click HERE.

Begin by outlining the cookie. The colored middle area will be the penguin's sweater. When the cookie is outlined, fill the sweater with colored flood icing. Make sure not to fill it too full, so that it does not overflow. Quickly add white stripes to the wet colored icing then, using a toothpick, swirl the white and colored icing to create a knitted pattern. Start at the top, go down then back up and down again in a wave pattern.

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Let the sweater dry for few minutes, then add a white face and lower belly. Use tweezers to drop candy beads into the icing for eyes.
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Размер: 75.2 Кб
Let the cookie dry for at least an hour or more, than flood the penguin's body black, add a yellow beak, and finally outline sleeves on the sweater.
Название: 04.jpg
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Размер: 67.5 Кб
After a few more hours of drying, flood the sleeves and use a toothpick to swirl them.
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After a few minutes use black icing to add wings.
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At that point, let the cookies dry overnight, and then using piping icing and a #3 tip, add cuffs and a collar to the penguins sweater.
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After a bit more drying time, you'll have these adorable penguin cookies!
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Aren't they cute? It may SEEM like these take a lot of time to make, but really, the majority of the time is spent drying not working, so don't be discouraged from trying these cookies.

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precious penguin cookies tutorials

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