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Christmas Family Tree Cookies tutorial

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По умолчанию Christmas Family Tree Cookies tutorial

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Now let’s decorate!
Begin a few days in advance by using thicker flood icing that I refer to as 20-second icing to make round royal icing transfers. To do this, tape wax or parchment paper onto a cookie sheet, pipe out several flesh colored rounds, and let dry overnight or longer. For more information on this technique click HERE.

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If you need a little help with fleshtone, I also have a helpful article that can be viewed HERE.
To decorate these cookies you will need:
  • green piping and flood icing
  • brown piping and flood icing
  • red 20-second icing
  • stiff white piping icing
  • flesh colored transfers
  • black food color marker
  • large red candy beads
  • icing in the hair color of each family member
To make these cookies, follow the steps below…

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  1. Outline the cookie with green and brown icing (as shown).
  2. Fill the green portion or the tree.
  3. Carefully drop face transfers onto wet green icing.
  4. Use tweezers to drop red candy beads {ornaments} onto the wet green icing.
Let the cookies dry overight. The next day follow these steps…

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  1. Fill the trunk with brown flood icing.
  2. Use a black food color marker to add faces to the transfers.
  3. Add hair to each family member, leaving them bald on top to make room for Santa hats. This ALWAYS gives me the giggles.
  4. Use red 20-second icing to add hats to each family member.

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Finally, let the hats dry then add fur to the hats and add a personal message. For the cap I used a #13 tip and for the writing a PME #1.5.
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Let the cookies dry completely then package them for family and friends.
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christmas family tree cookies tutorial

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