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МК лепка "Эвоки (Звёздные войны)" -Wicket the Ewok Tutorial

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По умолчанию МК лепка "Эвоки (Звёздные войны)" -Wicket the Ewok Tutorial

Огромная благодарность Автору Sarah Rickard за Мастер-класс

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Размер: 35.9 Кб
What you will need:
Sugarpaste in light brown, mid brown, tan brown and grey brown. It may be necessary to mix them yourself rather than purchase pre-mixed. I used Sugarflair colours in chestnut and black to create these shades.
Workboard or clean surface
Edible glue (or water)
Small pointed petal flower cutter
Rolling pin
Small palette knife
Small tipped paintbrushes
Cocktail sticks
Knife or cutting tool
Craft tweezers
Ball tool (or paintbrush end)

Take your mid brown sugarpaste and split it into 3 balls in slightly graduating sizes.
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Размер: 17.5 Кб
We are going to create Wickets body first!
Название: 3.jpg
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Размер: 23.1 КбRoll your large ball of sugarpaste into a slightly elongated oval.
At the two ends, pinch slightly with two fingers on each end to create flat ridges and place upright on your board.
Using your paintbrush, brush a thin layer of water or edible glue over the lower front of one side.

Time to work on Wickets beastly chest fur!
Название: 4.jpg
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Размер: 22.5 КбTake your lightest tone of brown and roll it very thin, close to 1mm, using cornflour on your work surface.
Using the small pointed petal flower cutter, cut the sugarpaste using only half the cutter- 3 petals worth. Using your small palette knife, gently scoop up these petals and using a dry paintbrush or a cocktail stick, nudge the petals closer together, and apply petals down to the lower edge of the body.
Repeat the process again, creating a full bottom row of fur.
With your paintbrush, apply another thin layer of water or glue to the top edge of the petals you have just applied, and the surface of the body above this row, and repeat until you have a full ?chest’ of fur. Do not worry about the top row of fur near where the head will be placed – it will be covered by Wicket’s hood.

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Размер: 20.9 КбTake your next largest mid brown sugarpaste ball, pinch a small chunk out of the ball, put it to one side to create the ears later, and re-roll, and then divide it into 4 quarters. Roll each of these into chunky sausages to create Wickets arms and legs.
On each of these sausages, create a slight flat end with rounded edges and pinch the other edge into a wedge shape.
Using your glue/water paintbrush apply a thin amount to the wedge end of each limb and starting with the protruding legs, apply the wedge end to the lower flattened areas of the body.

Название: 6.jpg
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Размер: 21.9 КбSimilarly, take the next two sausages and apply them as arms, one straight down beside his body, and the other to be held in place while it sets at a slight angle with a slight curve down towards the leg. You may wish to rest the ?hand’ of this sausage on something small to set it at a pleasing angle against the leg.
If you find your limbs look too big for the body, start this stage again having pinched a little off of each sausage, and re-rolling and applying them until you are happy.
Now is a good time to pop the cocktail stick through the body, making sure the cocktail stick protrudes no higher than the size of your last mid brown ball of sugarpaste on top of the body, which will become Wickets head.

Place the last mid brown ball carefully onto the top of the body. Название: 7.jpg
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Размер: 22.7 Кб
Over some more cornflour, thinly roll out some more light brown and cut some full flowers using the same cutter.
Using a knife or cutting tool, cut across the flower dividing it into a section of two petals and a section of 3 petals.
Brush a small, thin amount of water or glue onto the edge of the three petal section and place the two petal section on top of the other.
Brush a thin amount of water or glue onto the lower area of the front of the head, and apply the layered petals, in a semicircle.
Roll a small amount of light brown and fill in the ?gap’ like so.

Now the tricky part! Wicket’s hood.Название: 8.jpg
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Размер: 24.1 Кб
Take the tan brown sugarpaste and roll it thinly over cornflour on your surface. Using a knife or cutting tool cut out a teardrop shape slightly larger than the body. Using a small icing nozzle cut a circle out of the larger end of the tear drop. Brush a thin amount of water or glue around the edge of the ?face’ area, and the shoulders. Using your palette knife, carefully place the cut-out at an angle, with the teardrop tip on Wickets right (your left) so that the seam is level with his shoulder and across the top of his head, with the circle landing over his face. Gentle press into place allowing a nice ?drop’ as if the hood is falling naturally over the shoulder and neck.
Rolling out more of the tan brown sugarpaste, cut a similar sized shape, this time more of a diamond with curved sides rather than a teardrop.
Brush some water or glue across the back of the head and down the back, allowing the edges to meet the seams, and Wickets left shoulder (your right) to extend past the edge of the hood with an overlap.
Using craft tweezers, or two cocktail sticks, squeeze the seams of the hood together to create the look of a chunky stitch line across the join.
Now is a good time to pop the cocktail stick into Wicket’s hand to create a simply staff. Glue it in place between the hand and the leg.

Using the remaining mid brown sugarpaste, roll two small balls, and using a small ball tool or the end of a paintbrush, make an impression into the side of each ball.Brushing a small amount of water or glue onto the ear regions of the head along the seam of the hood, gently press the balls onto the hood with the impression facing forward.
Название: 9.jpg
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Размер: 25.8 Кб
Roll the dark grey-brown sugarpaste into two tiny sausages, and press them together, pinching the ends gently to create Wicket’s lips, and apply with a small amount of water or glue to the furry centre of Wicket’s face.
Rolling a small ball of the same grey-brown sugarpaste, form into a heart shape using a cocktail stick to dent the top. Cut the bottom of the heart away, and on each side, using your ball tool or the end of a paintbrush, create two small impressions to be nostrils.
Dab a small amount of glue or water on the back of the nose, and press gently onto the face, nostrils down, centrally on top of the lips.
Rolling the black sugarpaste, or using 3mm or 4mm black pearls, create impressions either side of the nose for eyes, and with dabs of glue or water, press the black pearls or rolled black sugarpaste eyes into these indentations.

Название: 10.jpg
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Размер: 25.1 КбTo create his forehead and ear fur, brush a narrow stroke of water or glue along the hood line of the face and around the front and up the back of each ear. Take more of the light brown sugarpaste, and roll tiny sausages with tipped ends, cut the ends off of these sausages and using a cocktail stick or the tweezers, gentle apply them across the hood line and the front of the ears with the points down.
Rolling slightly larger sausages with tipped ends, cut them slightly longer and apply up the back of the ears so the fur falls in tufts over the tops of the ears.

To create Wicket’s paws, take some tan brown sugarpaste and roll 2 small balls and flatten them, applying them with water or glue to the ends of each leg.
Roll 6 smaller balls and with a dab of water or glue along the tops of each of these paw pads, press them into a row of 3 toes on each foot. You could take a small round tipped icing nozzle and press little toe nails into them!
Similarly to the toes, roll 6 small sausages of the tan brown sugarpaste and with a dab of water or glue, apply his fingers, one grasping the staff and the other curling over the bottom of the hand.

Название: 11.jpg
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Размер: 35.9 КбFinally, a little detail for the hood and the staff.
Roll a tiny thin sausage of tan brown and cut into three. After a small brush of water or glue, place one across the forehead of the hood, and the other two under the face falling from the edge of the hood.
With some grey brown sugarpaste, roll a tiny ball and press onto one end of the forehead strip and dent a little dot into the centre using a cocktail stick to create a stone bead, and rolling a thin sausage in the same grey brown sugarpaste, cut two tiny portions and overlap them to create a cross and with apply to the other end of the strip.
Using grey-brown sugarpaste, roll a small ?dagger’ shape, brush the tip of the cocktail stick staff with some water or glue and gentle press the sugarpaste shape onto the tip of the stick.
Press a small ball of light brown sugarpaste around the stick under the dagger tip.
Rolling out a very thin ?rope’ of light brown, apply a little water or glue to the sugarpaste under the staff tip and carefully wrap the ?rope’ around the staff like a large knot. You could texture the rope using a cocktail stick and gentle pressing repeatedly or using a tiny ridged tool similarly.
Leave your lovely Ewok pal to set completely, and when you have your cake or cupcake at the ready, attach with a little more edible glue or buttercream. Wicket is now complete! Hoorah!
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Размер: 47.8 Кб
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