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МК торт 3Д Обезьяна -Carved 3D monkey cake how to V1

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I starded the ''cake'' process by building the scructure, which is a wood board, on wich I added some foamcore to be able to cut out a circle to ''hide'' the flange. I also used a 1\2 inch pvc pipe and a 3\4 inch couple. The board is a 12 inch square and the cake is about 15 inch tall. This is my second (or maybe third) cake scructure... so I wanted to keep it simple. I also used foamcore and bubble tea straws for support in the cake.

Then, I started baking...I decided to make a banana cake, because it's my favorite flavor and, you know, I was making a monkey cake haha.
And, I especially love the banana and chocolate combination, so I made a chocolate swiss meringue buttercream, but I wanted to add a little caramel flavor as well so I made caramel swiss meringue buttercream and alternated the two in between the cake layers.

I stacked and carved the cake, and I was terrified...carving cakes can be very hard, and I really wanted to get the dimensions right. When that was done, I felt like the hard part was over.

I covered the cake in dark chocolate ganache (my favorite).

I covered it's head in a mix of fondant (2 of them actualy, satin ice and micmac) and modeling chocolate. I wanted the best of both worlds, and it worked like magic. I worked about 2 1\2 hours on the head only. It was the best part, I can't wait to try something like this again. I made a video of this part by the way.

I used black fondant for the suit and red fondant (plus tylose powder) for the rose. I made the cigar out of fondant and wafer paper. I've airbrushed and hand painted the cake as well.
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