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3-Д Саксофон торт-3-D Saxophone cake-Birdsong

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По умолчанию 3-Д Саксофон торт-3-D Saxophone cake-Birdsong

Огромная благодарность Jean Schapowal за Мастер-класс

I chose Birdsong, because my daughter loves to play the saxophone! I also loved the colors and the simplicity of the design.
I baked 2 8" rounds and a large pyrex bowl for the base of the cake. I then used rice krispy treats to sculpt the upper shape and the bell. I covered the rice krispy treats with melted chocolate for stability and then crumb coated the entire cake. There is stacked cake construction involved with one long dowel through the entire structure.
I let the cake set up in the fridge for a few hours and sculpted the hummingbirds our of fondant. The flowers in the bell I made with melted chocolate that set overnight. I had also made several fondant flowers to be placed on the cake.
After the cake set overnight, I then covered in fondant. I then did the vine and flower design in buttercream. Once that was finished I added the other design elements for completion. Hope you enjoy!
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