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Как украсить боковые стороны торта мастичными розами -Howt to decorate cake borders with fondant roses

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По умолчанию Как украсить боковые стороны торта мастичными розами -Howt to decorate cake borders with fondant roses

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While there are many aspects of the wedding we love, we have to say one of our favorites is a pretty wedding cake. The more pizazz the better. Thanks to Melissa of Buttercream Couture who shows us how to create a little pizzazz of your own by making your own fondant roses.
With a little time and patience, you can make these incredibly eye-catching tiny treats. Ideal for cupcake toppers or a wedding cake. It is actually quite easy to do, you will only need a few things to get the process rolling.
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Here are the Supplies You Will Need
1.Pre made fondant(skip the urge to make the more cost effective marshmallow fondant, unless you are really an achiever, as this can cause mental trauma)
2. Non-stick silicone mat or powdered sugar
3. Pizza cutter
4. Rolling pin
5. Small Pastry Brush
6. Gin or Vodka – Alcohol is preferred for fondant as it evaporates more quickly then water. It provides the moisture you need to “glue” the fondant together without making everything wet. But remember, fondant is sugar. And sugar + water = big sloppy mess so if you do use water, be very stingy with it.
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Read on to learn step by step instructions on How to Make Fondant Roses from Buttercream Couture. Diy instructions photographed by Frances Eden Creative and main cake photos captured by Ophelia Photography.
Step 1:Knead your fondant to soften, then roll out onto a sugar covered surface or onto a silicone mat. You want to roll it as thin as possible, while still being able to handle it without it tearing, so anywhere between a 1/4” – 1/8” if your a measure, otherwise, eyeball it and worse case you have chubby roses. Cut off the wobbly edges so you have a nice rectangle/square/uniform-shape-of-some-type, and cut into 1” strips. Cover these with plastic wrap so they stay soft, removing one at a time to work with.
Step 2: Brush a thin line of alcohol along the bottom-inside of the strip, and begin tightly rolling from one end, loosening as you go. Pinch and gather at times during the roll to create creases and give the rose a non-uniform look. Gently roll the bottom the the rose back and forth between your fingers to get rid of the excess fondant you will have there. Let the flowers air dry for a bit and use them as cupcake toppers or attach them to a cake (with more booze) while still soft and flexible
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howt to decorate cake borders with fondant roses, как украсить боковые стороны торта мастичными розами

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