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МК торт "3Д Яблоко" -How to make a Poisoned Apple cake V1

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The apple is three layers of pound cake iced with lemon icing. There are gummy worms between each layer. Then I wrapped the whole thing in some fondant I made.
The apple was painted in cake gel color and rum. I read vodka was the way to go, but I'm a mojito person. I don't know if the sheen is a result of rum vs. vodka, or if it is something that is normal for painted fondant. Either way I was pleasantly surprised. The leaf is more painted fondant and the stem is piped chocolate.

For the snake, I ended up making a little foil mold and poured sugar for the first time. Went better than I expected. Not pretty, but yummy and pretty sturdy. I sculpted some leftover fondant over the sugar support for the viper.
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how to make a poisoned apple cake, мк торт "3д яблоко"

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