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Halloween ghost cake

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По умолчанию Halloween ghost cake

Огромная благодарность Julie F за Мастер-класс

Название: ghost.jpg
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Размер: 27.9 Кб
This is the kick-ass t-shirt I based my cake on by Droopy, DRP, if it's still in stock you can buy it here (I did). I started off with a half sheet of chocolate cake flavored with a little bourbon. I had printed out a larger version of the t-shirt, and made a rough waxed paper template and cut out the basic shape
Название: 021_resize.JPG
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Размер: 105.9 КбНазвание: 025_resize.JPG
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Размер: 148.8 Кб
I then cut out other elements out of the original template and used them as templates for the elements I wanted to stand out

Название: 026_resize.JPG
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Размер: 172.8 КбI
In this photo you can see I've started to build-up the face area as well. After the basics were carved and placed I mixed together cake and frosting to make a clay-ish texture (like cake-pops) that I used to form the hair and other fine elements that would be hard to carve
Название: 028_resize.JPG
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Размер: 211.3 КбНазвание: 029_resize.JPG
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Размер: 171.8 Кб
When I had most of the details I covered it with a chocolate syrup-based frosting.
Название: 032_resize.JPG
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Размер: 164.5 Кб
Next up: covering the whole thing in a layer of fondant:

Название: 033_resize.JPG
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Размер: 89.7 Кб
After that was trimmed I started painting with gel colors thinned with vodka.
Название: 035_resize.JPG
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Размер: 145.4 Кб
As I worked, I was adding in different elements and layers of fondant, in the next picture I had made the 2nd hand of fondant, as well as the teeth on the first wrist
Название: 036_resize.JPG
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Размер: 155.6 Кб
I just kept adding layers and painting as I went
Название: 037_resize.JPG
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Размер: 89.1 КбНазвание: 038_resize.JPG
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Размер: 99.8 Кб
Название: 043_resize.JPG
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Размер: 173.4 Кб

Название: 044_resize.JPG
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Размер: 193.4 Кб
Название: 045_resize.JPG
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Размер: 130.4 Кб

At this point I thought that the board needed to be black- I was hoping I could just paint it, but the surface was too slick. I took all my scraps of colored fondant and gumpaste and mixed them together- ending with a purple shade. I laid it around the cake and painted it w/ black airbrush food color.
Название: 046_resize.JPG
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Размер: 137.9 КбНазвание: 050_resize.JPG
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Размер: 153.1 Кб
And the finished product:
Название: 058_resize.JPG
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Размер: 154.7 Кб

Название: 059_resize.JPG
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Размер: 154.1 Кб

Название: 066_resize.JPG
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Размер: 95.7 Кб

Название: 068_resize.JPG
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Размер: 151.1 Кб

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