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МК "букетик цветов" -How To Make A Cookie Bouquet

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По умолчанию МК "букетик цветов" -How To Make A Cookie Bouquet

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Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

  • Six 1-1/2″ round cookies (you can find my Orange Vanilla Spice cookie recipe in my tutorial shop)
  • Stiff consistency royal icing in green, peach, pink and white
  • Tips 352, 101 and 12
  • Wilton cookie sticks
  • Soft round brush (I like the one from the new Wilton set)
  • White pearl dust
  • Alcohol or flavored extract
  • Paint palette or small dish for mixing pearl dust

  • Peach: Wilton Buttercup Yellow + a touch of Aster Mauve from the Garden Tone Set
  • Pink: Wilton Aster Mauve + a touch of Buttercup Yellow
  • Green: Wilton Juniper Green, also from the Garden Tone Set
Start out by piping leaves all the way around the bottom edge of the cookies with green stiff consistency icing and a tip 352.

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Pipe a mound of white stiff consistency icing with a tip 12. Название: 3.jpg
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Place a cookie stick into the mound of icing and allow it to dry completely (I let mine sit overnight just to be safe).Название: 4.jpg
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Now the cookie sticks can be used the same way you would use a flower nail. While spinning the cookie stick between your thumb and forefinger, pipe a ruffle all the way around the edge of the cookie with pink (or peach) stiff consistency icing and a tip 101. The wide end of the tip should be on the surface of the cookie and the narrow end should be facing up and out. Watch my YouTube video to see this process in action.Название: 5.jpg
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Continue to pipe ruffles until you reach the center of the cookie. These ruffles could be piped in buttercream rather than royal icing if you prefer. Название: 6.jpg
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Размер: 87.9 КбFill the empty space in the middle with a dot of white stiff consistency icing, using the number 12 tip.Название: 8.jpg
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If you’d like to add a pearl finish to the flower center, mix a little bit of white pearl dust with a few drops of alcohol or flavored extract in a palette or small dish. Apply it to the white icing using a soft round brush. For more on this technique, read this post on painting with pearl dust.

Arrange the flowers in a vase or jar filled with granulated or sparkling sugar. The sugar helps to hold the flowers in place and allows you to easily rearrange them. I wrapped this mason jar in burlap and lace (Pinterest wedding idea, of course) to display my cookie bouquet. Название: 9.jpg
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