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Easy Christmas Tree Brownies step by step

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По умолчанию Easy Christmas Tree Brownies step by step

Огромная благодарность Debbie за Мастер-класс

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Размер: 210.4 Кб

Start by lining an 8″ x 8″ square baking pan with aluminum foil and then spray it with cooking spray. Bake the brownies according to the package directions and allow them to cool completely. I waited about an hour and a half and they came out of my pan no problem.
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This next part kind of blew my mind a little bit. I was having trouble visualizing the triangles, so I used skewers to get them all set up. There wasn’t really a good way to mark where to cut, so I guessed as best I could. The skewers were just a diagram to help me visualize it. I took them off before I cut it.
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Размер: 123.1 Кб
Use a large sharp knife to cut through the brownies. You can see in the picture below that my triangles aren’t perfect. Oops! I had to trim a few of them into the proper shape after this photo. I trimmed some of the edges into triangles too, but me and the girls just snacked on the scrap pieces that couldn’t be used.
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Размер: 131.8 Кб
I ended up with 12 triangle brownies.
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Размер: 132.0 Кб
You don’t need very much icing. One half of the tub was plenty, and even then I still had leftovers.
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Размер: 36.9 Кб
Add green food colouring to the white icing. It took a lot of green food colouring to get the green colour – at least 40 to 50 drops. Just keep stirring until you’re happy with the colour.
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Spoon the icing into a zip lock bag.
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Seal the bag closed, and then cut off the corner of the bag using sharp scissors.
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Размер: 27.3 Кб
Starting at the top of the tree, gently squeeze the icing out of the bag moving in a curvy zigzag as you go down the tree.
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Размер: 66.8 Кб
Then add your favourite sprinkles on top.
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Размер: 77.0 Кб
I’m loving the little yellow star sprinkles! I used them in my Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees as well, and they really add some awesome character! I bought these from the bulk store, but you can order them from Amazon if you have trouble finding them in stores.
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Размер: 133.5 Кб
I thought these were cute on their own, but my husband thought they needed a tree trunk.
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Размер: 125.8 Кб
And he was totally right! So I cut up some of the leftover candy canes from the Candy Cane Reindeer we made last week and pushed them into the bottom of the brownies, and voila!
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Размер: 114.4 Кб
In retrospect, it would have been much smarter to add the candy cane tree trunks to the brownies before I added the icing. It was a bit difficult to maneuver them without wrecking the icing.
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Размер: 101.9 Кб
Don’t they look awesome though!? Easiest treat ever!
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Размер: 115.4 Кб

  • 1 box Brownie Mix
  • 1 tub white vanilla icing
  • green food colouring
  • small round sprinkles
  • small star sprinkles
  • candy canes

  1. Line an 8"x8" baking pan with aluminum foil and spray with cooking spray.
  2. Prepare the brownie mix according to the package directions and bake as directed.
  3. Allow brownies to completely cool, approximately 1.5 hours.
  4. Remove the brownies from the pan, and cut into triangles. (Cut in three rows, then cut in alternating diagonals, as in the photo shown above).
  5. Unwrap the candy canes, and use a sharp knife to gently cut/break the candy canes into 1.5" long pieces.
  6. Press the sharper end of the candy cane into the bottom of the brownie triangles.
  7. Spoon out approximately ½ of the tub of icing into a bowl.
  8. Add green food colouring until you're happy with the colour.
  9. Spoon the green icing into a zip lock bag.
  10. Seal the bag and cut off a small corner of the bag with sharp scissors.
  11. Starting at the top of the brownie triangles, gently squeeze out the icing in a curvy zigzag as you go down the tree.
  12. Add your favourite sprinkles and a small star sprinkle at the top.
  13. Enjoy!
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