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Огромная благодарность Автору Bronnie Bakes за Мастер-класс

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Размер: 204.3 Кб
To start with, colour your fondant a light brown. I mixed some precoloured chocolate fondant with my white fondant. Add your hardening agent (I used tylo/se powder 250g to 1/2 teaspoon of powder) and start by rolling out an egg shape of fondant.
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Размер: 162.1 Кб
Roll out some thin white fondant and cut out an oval shape. If you don’t have an oval cutter, you can use a circle cutter and just stretch it out too make an oval. Add a toothpick or dry piece of pasta to the body.
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Размер: 141.6 Кб
Roll out a thin sausage of brown fondant for the legs and cut in the middle.
Название: 4.jpg
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Размер: 148.8 Кб
Tap the cut end on the table to flatten it.
Название: 5.jpg
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Размер: 144.1 Кб
Squash down the other side of the leg
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Размер: 141.6 Кб
Название: 7.jpg
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Размер: 153.8 Кб
Dab the squashed side with water and place under the body
Название: 8.jpg
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Размер: 159.2 Кб
Roll out two circles of pink fondant and flatten them.
Название: 9.jpg
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Размер: 153.4 Кб
Gently squeeze one end together
Название: 10.jpg
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Размер: 139.2 Кб
Make 3 cuts to the other end of the foot and then attach to the legs using some water
Название: 11.jpg
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Размер: 132.7 Кб
Название: 12.jpg
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Размер: 142.9 Кб
Roll out two thin sausages of brown fondant for the arms, cut one side, flatten the other side and attach to the body
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Размер: 139.9 Кб
Название: 14.jpg
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Размер: 163.3 Кб
Название: 15.jpg
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Размер: 142.8 Кб
Roll out two small balls of pink fondant, flatten them and then cut off one side so that they look like mittens
Название: 16.jpg
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Размер: 145.5 Кб
Using a sharp knife, make 3 incisions for the fingers and then attach to the arms/body using some water. Make some ‘fur’ by gently using a sharp knife to make incisions over the body/arms/legs.
Название: 17.jpg
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Размер: 157.4 Кб
Roll out a thin sausage of brown fondant for the tail. Flatten one end, dab it with water and then sit the mouse over the top.
Название: 18.jpg
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Размер: 154.6 Кб
Roll out an egg shape of brown fondant for the head.
Название: 19.jpg
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Размер: 164.0 Кб
Roll out some white fondant and stamp out half a circle. Attach it to the head and then attach the head to the body using some water and the toothpick/pasta.
(It doesn’t matter too much about the white under the head because you wont see the bottom of it once it has been attached to the body)
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Размер: 145.2 Кб
Название: 21.jpg
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Размер: 152.9 Кб
Название: 22.jpg
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Размер: 157.2 Кб
Add a small pink ball of fondant for the nose, two white circles for the eyes and some whiskers. I only had some silver florist’s wire on hand and it looks like my mouse has staples for whiskers So try and get some white wire.
Give the white eyes 5 mins to harden before drawing on the black eyes (or you can use small balls of black fondant) and some thin eyebrows
Название: 23.jpg
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Размер: 185.1 Кб
Roll out some pink and brown fondant and cut out circles for the ears (a smaller size in the pink fondant). Attach the pink circle to the brown circle.
Название: 24.jpg
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Размер: 136.3 Кб
Squeeze one end with your fingers, flatten and then attach to the Mouse’s head.
Название: 25.jpg
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Размер: 160.6 Кб
Название: 26.jpg
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Размер: 202.5 Кб
I then let my mouse dry with a foam block up against his back to hold the ears in place and keep him upright.
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