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По умолчанию Лепка "Груффало" шаг за шагом -Gruffalo tutorial

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I used pre-coloured chocolate fondant and mixed it with some white to lighten it, but on reflection the Gruffalo is still too dark so next time I would have added more white so he is lighter. Also… all the fondant has been mixed with tylo powder (ratio of 250g fondant to 1/2 teaspoon of powder) so that it turns into gum/sugarpaste. This makes it a better consistency for modelling and also means that it will harden.
Start by rolling an egg shape of chocolate brown fondant and then flattening it out a bit near the top.
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Размер: 197.9 Кб
Roll out two fat sausage shapes for the legs. Thin out one end and then tap the other end on your table to flatten.
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Размер: 213.5 Кб
Attach the legs to the body using some water
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Размер: 196.6 Кб
Stick a toothpick or dry piece of pasta through the Gruffalo’s body
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Размер: 182.3 Кб
Roll out two evenly sized balls and then shape them into sausages for the arms
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Размер: 113.0 Кб
Hmmm… note how I didn’t take my own advice and my balls of fondant are NOT the same size. Название: 9.jpg
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Размер: 113.8 Кб
Using a sharp knife, make 3 incisions for the fingers
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Round off the square fingers with a modelling tool (or the other side of a knife)
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Размер: 104.3 Кб
Flatten the other end of your arm and attach to the body using some water
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Размер: 176.8 Кб
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Размер: 146.4 Кб
Roll out 8 evenly sized balls and then shape them into a teardrop shape
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Размер: 178.9 Кб
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Stick onto the toes and then curl the tops over gently using your fingers
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Размер: 148.6 Кб
Using a knife, make gentle cuts on the body, arms and legs to make the fur. I also cut a grid-like pattern on the feet.
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Размер: 146.5 Кб
Roll out an egg shaped ball for the head – make sure you measure it up against the body to make sure it is to scale. Trust me – I have made this mistake so many times!!! There is nothing more frustrating to finish modelling a head, only to realise that it is too big/small for the body.
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Размер: 161.2 Кб
Make an indent towards the large part of the egg shape with a pencil or modelling tool
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Размер: 164.7 Кб
Using a sharp knife, gently cut a mouth into the head
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Размер: 13.4 Кб
Attach to the body using water
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Размер: 154.6 Кб
Make holes either side of what will become the nose. As you gently make the hole, lift the tool upwards.
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Размер: 153.4 Кб
Using a ball tool, make indents for the eyes and then attach orange circles.
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Размер: 154.3 Кб
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Размер: 165.4 Кб
Give the orange eyes 5 minutes to dry and then mark in your eyeballs using a black edible marker or some black gel colour mixed with a little vodka, or you can use small balls of black fondant.
Also roll a small green ball of fondant for the ‘wart on the end of his nose’
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Размер: 160.9 Кб
Roll out a thin piece of white fondant. Make each end a point and then cut out the teeth and tusks.
Название: 27.jpg
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Размер: 15.7 Кб
Attach to the gruffalo
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Размер: 154.0 Кб
In the same way as the tusks…. make two horns and attach
Название: 29.jpg
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Размер: 124.5 Кб
Roll out two teardrop shaped brown balls and using a ball tool, make an indent.
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Размер: 163.2 Кб
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Размер: 160.5 Кб
Roll out two lighter brown balls, flatten and stick to the ear with some water
Название: 32.jpg
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Размер: 136.6 Кб
Attach to the head
Название: 33.jpg
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Размер: 156.5 Кб
Final step is to make small purple tear drop shaped prickles for the Gruffalo’s back
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