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3-Д Осьминог торт-3-D Octopus cake

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По умолчанию 3-Д Осьминог торт-3-D Octopus cake

спасибо огромное Melissa за МК

Название: IMG_0906.jpg
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Размер: 79.0 Кб
8 fondant legs(mixed with tylose)! Flatten the end of the leg that will go on top of the tier, so the head can lay flat. Taper and curl the end of the legs for movement. Any legs that hang over the edge can be propped up with something until dry–I used a clothespin.
Название: IMG_0925.jpg
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Размер: 145.3 Кб
I also inserted a bubble tea straw into the center of the top tier. Something has to support this big noggin!…
Название: IMG_08921.jpg
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Размер: 78.6 Кб
Hello Octopus! This octopus head is a Rice Cereal Treat—actually, about 6 of them. Measures approximately 3 1/2″ tall. Covered the Rice Krispie ball just as I do in my Teddy Bear Birthday video (coat with sugar glue, then cover with fondant.)
Here’s the underside…
Название: IMG_08922.jpg
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Размер: 78.3 Кб
Time to assemble!
Название: IMG_08923.jpg
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Размер: 78.6 Кб
You can add a little icing to secure the head to the legs. Isn’t he cute? The little suctions on the legs are royal icing.
Now for some cute little details. I was really excited with how the clam turned out. First, take some rolled gum paste (or fondant mixed with tylose), shape into an oval, and make lines with a toothpick…
Название: IMG_0905.jpg
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Размер: 74.0 Кб
Now, for the big secret! ……………..
Название: IMG_0903.jpg
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Размер: 153.4 Кб
Ice cream scoops make perfect clam shell molds. Just remember to dust them with corn starch first.
Allow to dry several hours or overnight. Once dry, it’s time to place onto the cake! Secure with a little icing….and don’t forget a fondant pearl!
Название: IMG_0905.5.jpg
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Размер: 75.5 Кб
I made seaweed, sea plants with various piping tips, including the tip 352 leaf tip and a crescent tip 81. Also, my trusty round 4 tip for bubbles and misc. plants. That’s the fun thing making sea plants–anything goes! Reminds me of Dr. Seuss!
Now, time for sand. Sometimes sand is whatever vanilla cookies are around the house. Today, I pulverized Cheerios. To make the sand cooperate, I first spread the board with a little buttercream tinted brown.
Название: IMG_0917.jpg
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Размер: 145.2 Кб
Then, press press press…..
Название: IMG_0920.jpg
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Размер: 139.5 Кб
And write the birthday boy’s name! I used a dry paintbrush for this….
Название: IMG_0924.jpg
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Размер: 98.7 Кб[
Drumroll please………………………………..
Название: IMG_08924.jpg
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Размер: 91.5 Кб
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