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МК торт "3Д Осьминог" -3D Octopus cake tutorial

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По умолчанию МК торт "3Д Осьминог" -3D Octopus cake tutorial

Огромная благодарность Автору Karen Portaleo за Мастер-класс

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To begin, I had to visualize the octopus on the board, and try to figure out which tentacles would need support, and which would not. And if I could get away with saying she was sitting on three of them. But probably not.
Once I had a good sketch, and a buttercream outline on my cake board, I affixed the copper tubing to the base. The next step was to pile on 9 full sheet cakes, being careful to lower each one over the armature. I wanted the octopus to be sitting on cake, to ensure enough servings.

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Next comes the layers that will be carved. I ordered all kinds of layers from our pastry team; half sheets, 18" rounds, on down to 7" rounds. Then I began layering and filling, being careful to keep in mind the ultimate shape I was hoping to achieve.
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It helped to carve a bit as I went along, because it was a big cake. The tips of some of the tentacles were rice cereal treats. Finally, I had a basic shape, filled, carved, and ready for fondant.
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You may have noticed that there was sunlight coming through the windows at the start of this cake...

Now the fondant. While I tried my best to use the biggest pieces possible, one of the advantages of this complex shape was lots of nooks and crannies to hide seams!

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One of the goals in this design was to have the octopus holding a few select bottles of wine. My idea here turned out to be a bit too ambitious, as the copper tubing I had chosen would not support a bottle full of wine. And unlike in my studio, I supposed they were not going to let me empty a few bottles there at the event. REDESIGN! A cake decorator values her ability to stay flexible! (She values it even more in her clients, am I right? Did I just hear an Amen?)
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