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Bulldog Structure With Cake and Riced Krispy

This shows how I piled on the Cream Cheese Almond Pound Cake. The purple areas are where I added some Riced Krispy Treat for roundness. The whole head and face were cake. Not much cereal needed, and probably could've done it all in cake, except that I ran out of cake at the end! Of course all the places that cake is on board I have it on a cardboard piece first. Then it is hot glued on the bottom of the cardboard to the wooden board. Fun fun! And stressful!

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Размер: 36.4 Кб
Bulldog Structure

This shows the boards. My husband always buys a really sturdy heavy piece of Birch for these big ones (like the Gator and the Bulldog). Its fairly expensive, but it won't bend under the weight and the cake is safer. We attached the body support board to the big board with two hinges at the bottom. So then we were able to adjust the height to whatever we wanted. Then we attached two thick dowels (5/8 inch) to the outside front corners - like shoulders. Those became the legs. Then I had them attach (I"m not actually doing any of this - just bossing them around!) another thick dowel to the top middle to serve as the neck and another piece of wood was screwed and glued to that for supporting the head.

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Put this one on here so you could get a perspective on how big he was! Took forever! If I look tired in this pic, its because I was up until 4am making this beast!
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Размер: 253.7 Кб

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Размер: 139.5 Кб
This Bulldog Cake was HUGE! It fed about 75 people and was almost entirely cake - including the face. It was litterally as large as my full size bulldog. Nice when you can look at your own pet for inspiration!
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