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По умолчанию Modern Succulent Garden Cake Tutorial

Огромная благодарность Автору Tammy Varela за Мастер-класс

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Equipment Required
Cakes: 6" round x 5" high, 9" round x • Small rolling pin 5" high, 12" round x 5" high • Scalpel

Satin Ice White Fondant • Clear isomalt

Satin Ice Gum Paste • Shortening

White buttercream • Blowtorch

AmeriColor Soft Gel Pastes: Mint • Silicone bowl

Green, Moss, Lilac, Ivory • Round bowls

Petal dusts: gold, tan, light green, • Silicone mould

white, dark green, ivory, light grey • Brushes

Edible glaze • Petal cutters Leaf cutters

1" circle cutter

Sunflower plunger cutter

Dresden tool


Plastic rose bud

Gold metal floral hoops: 6", 8"

Wooden stick

Ziploc bag

Sponge pad
Step 1.
Cover the stacked cake with buttercream and refrigerate. Mix gold dust with vodka to a semi-thick consistency. Paint onto the cake making sure not to go over the painted areas until dry. If the gold looks too thin, paint a second coat. Let it dry.
Step 2.
To make sedum, mix 50/50 fondant and gum paste then colour with a small amount of mint green gel. Put a 0.5" thick 1" circle of paste at the bottom of a bowl.
Step 3.
To make the leaves, take fondant about the size of a quarter and roll in your palm until one end is a blunt point and the other is thick and round. Place the thick end down on the fondant circle in the bowl. As you get closer to the middle, the smaller the fondant leaves will be.
Step 4.
Dust with tan, light green and white.
Step 5.
To make aloe, mix 50/50 fondant and gum paste then colour dark green. Take a plastic rose bud and attach to a toothpick.
Step 6.
Take a dime sized amount of paste per leaf, roll in your palm until one end is a sharp point and the other is thicker. Use edible glue to stick each leaf to the bud. Start in the centre and work down and around making the leaves larger as you get to the bottom.
Step 7.
Use dark green dust on the bottom of the leaves. Use white dust on the top of the leaves. Stipple white buttercream with a fan brush on the bottom of the leaves.
Step 8.
To make echeveria, mix 50/50 fondant and gum paste and use the gels to colour three quarters moss green and a quarter lilac.
Step 9.
Put a 0.5" thick 1" circle of paste at the bottom of a bowl.
Step 10.
Use the rolling pin to flatten fondant to about 0.5" thick. Use a large leaf cutter to cut out leaves. Take each leaf and lightly press the sides down leaving the middle thick. Use the dresden tool to make the middle vein.
Step 11.
Place leaves on the fondant circle. Make a concentric circle then alternate the leaves on the next level. Use dusts to colour each leaf before continuing. As you get to the middle, use smaller leaf cutters.
Step 12.
To make mini sedums, mix 50/50 fondant and gum paste then colour light blueish green. Roll to about 0.25" thick and cut using the sunflower plunger.
Step 13.
Pinch cut outs together and place on the sponge pad to dry. When dry, brush with dust.
Gold Hoops
Step 14.
Lay the floral hoops flat. Attach the stick to the rings, this will stick into the cake. Glue the stick and rings with isomalt.
Step 15.
Melt clear isomalt into a silicone bowl and pour into a silicone mould. Once dry, use the blowtorch to get rid of air bubbles. Spray with edible glaze. Put in a Ziploc bag and break into random pieces.
Step 16.
Lightly mix fondant with a very small amount of ivory gel. Use the rolling pin to roll to 0.25" thick.
Step 17.
Take various sized pieces of rolled fondant and place on the cake. Brush shortening on the back of the fondant so it bonds with the painted buttercream.
Step 18.
Use the scalpel to randomly cut jagged openings in the fondant so the gold shows through.
Step 19.
Use the dresden tool to make random grooves and cracks around the cake.
Step 20.
Place isomalt crystals and mini sedums randomly on the cake.
Step 21.
Use a large brush with ivory dust and randomly dust the fondant with some areas darker and lighter than others. Use light grey dust and a fine brush to get into the cracks.
Step 22.
Dip a fan brush and into white buttercream and stipple randomly. Place succulents and gold rings on the cake. Finish by lightly steaming the cake.
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