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По умолчанию МК торт "Оптическая иллюзия" -Optical Illusion Cake Tutorial

Огромная благодарность Автору wickedgoodies за Мастер-класс
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To start, you need white modeling chocolate, dark modeling chocolate and a combination of the two. The lighter chocolate color can be made by kneading half and half dark and white modeling chocolate together.
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Begin by rolling out the modeling chocolate into thin sheets.
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Using a hexagon cutter, begin by cutting the same shape out of all three colors of rolled modeling chocolate.
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Then cut each hexagon into three pieces to make three equal sized diamonds. If you happen to have a diamond cutter that works for this design, go ahead and use it. The problem is that most diamond cutters aren’t quite the right shape to make it work.
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However the hexagon cutter works well. The trick is to use the opposite point as a guide (see video above). Align the first two cuts in the direction of their opposite points. Then cut the remaining V-shape in half. That way, the diamonds should come out the same.
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Ready the pieces on a sheet pan so that they are all lined up with each hexagon containing all three colors.
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Some of the triangles of one color will need to be cut once more the long way down the middle to create bottom pieces.
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Once the cake is frosted and cold, begin assembling the design, working with the bottom pieces from the bottom of the cake up. The first row is medium chocolate bottom pieces. The second row is a dark and white chocolate zig zag. The third row is sideways medium chocolate diamonds. The fourth row is dark and white chocolate zig zag except the position of the colors is reversed. The fifth row is another layer of sideways medium chocolate diamonds. And so on and so forth.
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You can adjust the position of the modeling chocolate diamonds by sliding them around on the cold buttercream frosting. Название: 10.jpg
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Размер: 166.0 Кб Follow this link to see my video tutorial on how to make easy modeling chocolate fabric roses.
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