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Подразделы : 2D, 3D Animal cakes

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The direction of Cake Decorating has changed over the last decade. Usualy if you want a cake you go to a store and order a simplic cake with fruits or chocolate plated on it. However people who are professional cake decorators changed the face of cake decorating with their new skills to higher level. Today You can find cakes in all shapes and sizes from cakes with a soccor ball on top to imitation designer purses. Today with advent of computer technologies in our daily life sculpting has become one of the lastest manias in cake decorating with cakes that are 2d, 3d shaped. It is possible to sculpt things that are all around us in life. How nice to sculpt cakes into shapes that one can say “Is that really a cake???”.Nowadays figurines and animals scuplting are becoming one of the most requested designs for cakes. Those are sculpted animals are covered with fondant. It should be noted that not all cake professional decorators providing cakes with sculpted sugar animals and figurines, but as the demand continues there will be more cake decorators willing to learn this skill. This art of sculpting is going to grow more and more, because it gives an ability to personalize cakes to reflect something that is important to someone who is ordering, such as a cake showcasing a sculpted man(grandfather)using his power tools to cut wood for a cabinet that he is making. There is no such thing like borders or limints when it comes to using sugar dough to decorate a cake. It is very interesting for any cake decorator who designs cakes that tell us a story, One can never get tired of designing cakes with sugar dough sculpted figurines, animals and flowers.And next time when you will be designing your new cake use your imagination, there is no need to rely for a grocery store that is full of preservatives and has possibly been placed in a freezer for up to 60 days at a time. The bellow pictures are some of 3d sculpted cake tutorials by different authours, designed for different cakes they have made in the past.
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